Dachslife Health Survey 2018

The UK Dachshund Breed Council every three years conducts a Dachshund Health Survey.
The next survey for 2018 is now underway.
We’d like all Australian Dachshund owners to complete the breed health survey “DachsLife 2018”. This survey is not compulsory but any data that is collected will help in the research of diseases found in Dachshunds.
The breed health survey also covers healthy dogs as well which will show that Dachshunds are among the most healthy pure bred dogs in the World.
Tell us about happy healthy dogs as well as any issues and causes of death. We’re happy to share (anonymised) results from Australian responses.
Just under 100 Australian Dachshunds took part in the 2015 Dachslife Health survey so it would be great if we can beat that number this year.
You can  take part in the 2018 Survey online by clicking on the link here:-
Dachslife 2018 Health Survey

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