Silent Auction at the National

A Silent Auction is being held at the National Dachshund Specialty Show in Sydney on the Easter Weekend.

Please click here for all the details and instructions on how to participate: Silent Auction

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The Year of the Earth Dog

A couple of weeks ago Corinda SHS contacted the Club to see if we could arrange for some Dachshunds to be taken to the school as part of the “Year of the Dog” celebrations for the kids to have a close up experience with some of our breed. This year is significant for Dachshunds as it is the year of the Earth Dog which only happens every 60 years. Dachshunds were originally bred to go to ground to flush out prey and today participate in Earth Dog trial events as a sport.
Along with Anne Ifield and her Standard Smooth, Daryl & Joan Cross took two of their Miniature Smooths and met the kids in the school library.  What an experience it turned out to be – the library was packed out with kids of all ages (and some of their teachers) eager to have a pat and have their photos taken with one or all of the dogs.  Daryl said, I would guess that overall there were between 200 and 300 kids there during the 45 minutes we were there and so many photos were taken. A big thank you goes to Anne for coming along with us.

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