Another Great Fun Day

Fun Day Group.jpg

More than sixty Dachshund owners and about one hundred little Dachshunds had a great day at Oxley yesterday playing games, enjoying the social atmosphere and joining each other in a fantastic BBQ lunch.
Many of our visitors took part in musical mats, egg and spoon races and a great fancy dress competition. We even had four disabled Dachshunds in their carts. Two of which dressed up as a crocodile and a hearse complete with coffin.
As a Club we are generally focused on breeding and showing pure bred Dachshunds but it is days like yesterday that show how dedicated the owners of pet Dachshunds are. They give so much love and care to their little dogs and it’s so moving to see.
We are holding these events now twice each year and each event is steadily growing in numbers. The next Fun & Information Day will take place in October 2016.

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