December 10th 2015

At the Annual General Meeting of the Australian National Kennel Council Limited held in Melbourne in October.

The following item was discussed and resolved.

Breed Standards – Amendment

It was resolved that in reference to colour, a note be included on any breed standard stating that ‘highly undesirable’ is to be interpreted as not acceptable for inclusion on the Main Register.

The current Dachshund Breed Standard states the following:-


All colours permitted but no white permissible, save for a small patch on chest which is permitted but not desirable. The dapple pattern is expressed as lighter coloured areas contrasting with the darker base. Neither the light nor the dark colour should predominate. Double dapple (where varying amounts of white occur all over the body in addition to the dapple pattern) is unacceptable. Pied, tricolour and the dilute colours isabella and blue are highly undesirable.

Therefore the above Breed Standard amendment will apply to Dachshunds with Pied, tricolour and the dilute colours isabella and blue.

Isabella is a pale chocolate colour and Blue is a metallic grey colour and both colours can appear in all varieties.


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