2016 Brisbane Royal news

2016 Royal Queensland Show
Canine Competition
18 December, 2016

Dear Exhibitor
The RNA is delighted to announce a new Australian first judging system will be in place for the 2016 Royal Queensland Show Canine Competition.
This revolutionary system means dogs will be judged in their group on one day using two international judges.
The group specials will be judged at the end of each day with Best in Group, Runner-Up, Puppy, Baby, and Neuter to come back on the last Saturday for General Specials.
The obedience classes will be held over two afternoons while Dances with Dogs, Rally Obedience and Agility will all be held on the last day of show.
This is a first for the Royal Shows in Australia and reinforces our commitment to making the Ekka the most exhibitor friendly event by streamlining the competition.
It also ensure that exhibitors can plan ahead knowing that all group judging will take place in a single day, unlike previous years where the group judging has been split across several days.
The Specialty Show this year will focus on the Toy Breeds in Group 1 and will be held on Friday 12 August 2016.
We have taken on board your suggestions from this year’s show and are working towards making sure the Ekka offers the best show experience for our exhibitors and their canines.
For the first time we are also able to release the schedule complete with information on the judges and the timetable before Christmas.
Please note the regulations will be added to the schedule once entries open in April 2016.
To view the schedule please click here
If you or your breed club is interested in sponsoring a class or group, please visit the website to register your interest here
If you have any queries please feel free to contact our Competitions and Events Co-Ordinator Kelly Barnett entries@royalqueenslandshow.com.au
On behalf of the RNA Canine Committee we wish all our exhibitors and their families a Merry Christmas and very happy New Year
Lionel Blumel
Councillor in Charge


December 10th 2015

At the Annual General Meeting of the Australian National Kennel Council Limited held in Melbourne in October.

The following item was discussed and resolved.

Breed Standards – Amendment

It was resolved that in reference to colour, a note be included on any breed standard stating that ‘highly undesirable’ is to be interpreted as not acceptable for inclusion on the Main Register.

The current Dachshund Breed Standard states the following:-


All colours permitted but no white permissible, save for a small patch on chest which is permitted but not desirable. The dapple pattern is expressed as lighter coloured areas contrasting with the darker base. Neither the light nor the dark colour should predominate. Double dapple (where varying amounts of white occur all over the body in addition to the dapple pattern) is unacceptable. Pied, tricolour and the dilute colours isabella and blue are highly undesirable.

Therefore the above Breed Standard amendment will apply to Dachshunds with Pied, tricolour and the dilute colours isabella and blue.

Isabella is a pale chocolate colour and Blue is a metallic grey colour and both colours can appear in all varieties.